My name is Eric. I live in Brooklyn and create a better web at Squarespace. I spend my free time wandering the city practicing the craft of photography.


I blog with my keyboard.



A stream of links to things I find interesting or useful enough to catalog and share with you. 


Occasional short-form writing for those times I genuinely have something to say.


Using the Squarespace Blog app, I capture and publish thoughts while I'm on the go.

Simple Advice

Advice based on my experience given in the most simplest way and designed for all humans.


I shoot with my camera.

NYC Photographer

It’s with a sharp eye and keen observation of everyday life that Eric E. Anderson captures the streets of New York City using fresh, bold composition that draws you in with its simple, matter-of-fact style.


I work with computers.

Template Developer, Squarespace

I build the templates in Squarespace. Each one is created with modern browsers and devices in mind & employ the latest HTML, CSS techniques. I love writing the code that creates a better web.