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About Eric

Kansas City resident who spends most of his free time practicing the craft of photography.

 Portrait by  Ruben Hughes

Portrait by Ruben Hughes

Married, with children. One wife, two kids, three grandsons, and a camera.

Corn-fed. Original midwesterner, born and raised in the suburbs of Kansas City, Missouri – that‘s right, The Show-Me State. I’ve also spent significant time in Arizona’s desert, on California’s beaches, and taking a bite out of the Big Apple.

Recently in NYC doing important work as a Template Developer at Squarespace, I’ve been building websites since the early web in 2000. I’m creative and logical, artistic and technical.

Photography is my thing on the side. I carry my camera with me nearly every single day, and when I don‘t – I‘ll be shooting with my iPhone and posting on Instagram.


Featured Artist at Farmboy Fine Arts
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Published Photography

Lagom #3
Glass Half Full – Profile, Other Half Brewing (6-page full spread)

BKLYNR, Issue 11
Setting Sun – Editorial (Cover Story)

BKLYNR, Issue 18
Lords of the Flea – Profile, Eric Demby and Jonathan Butler (Cover Story)

BKLYNR, Issue 33
When ‘Affordable’ Rents Push $3,000 – Editorial (Cover Story); Q&A: David Vigil of East New York Farms – Profile, David Vigil

BKLYNR, Issue 35
Q&A: Alan Rosen of Junior’s – Profile, Alan Rosen

BKLYNR, Issue 36
Fifty Years Later, Looking for Last Exit – Editorial (Cover Story)


Art Representation

FBFA™ is an international art consultancy cultivating site-specific art collections for the hospitality, healthcare and corporate sectors.

Farmboy Fine Arts
Suite 500 – 319 W Hastings St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 1H6, Canada
1 (877) 302-3232


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