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Aqua Storm-Proof Sling Camera Bag

Photographers are never not looking for the perfect camera bag. A good camera bag will serve the purpose of the shoot and many times, not just one type of bag will do. When shooting in a city environment, I need a pack to stay put when riding and walking, at the same time provide quick access to my gear on the fly.

I don't make a habit of reviewing products on my site, though it's happened a few times in this journal. If a company reaches out, and I think the product holds value for me, I'll agree to check something out. Recently, Miggo sent me a couple bags from their new Aqua line of IPX3 storm-proof camera bags which were launched on Indiegogo earlier this month.


I was particularly interested in the Sling style bag since I shoot with a CSC (compact system mirrorless camera), a full-size backpack is generally much more than I need. And in street photography, smooth and quick access to the camera is paramount – especially in the rain.

The Agua Sling offers a compact design with surprising storage capability. It can carry a full-format DSLR camera such as Canon 5D Mark 4 (or similar), three professional lenses including 70-200 f2.8, and flash.

With it's relatively small size (16.5"x10.2"x6"), the Aqua Sling has plenty of space – even for full-size gear. And this means for me, my small set of lenses and camera leave nearly half the bag still available for more stuff like batteries, hard drives, mini tripods, a thermos and whatever else I need.

A wide, padded strap allows easy carrying and quick access to the gear through a side opening. agua Sling is made from durable tarpaulin with a matt finish and offers a rigid bottom made with thermo-forming technology for superior impact protection.

The wide strap is comfortable and wide enough to stay put and not ride up into the neck (which really bugs me with other messenger style sling bags I've tried). One really nice detail is the adjustable stabilizer strap, allowing you to raise or lower the connector along the length of the main strap making it a good fit for any torso length.

At the lower corner of the bag, there is a perfectly positioned grab strap to pull the bag around to the front and the subsequent zipper to open the bag is right where you need it to be. All the zippers are nicely tucked away, but still easy to grab and pull – love the quick access of this bag.

The build quality of the bag is quite nice, although the soft material could be a little softer, the external material is very strong. All the seams, folds and stitches are heavy duty, leading me to believe this bag can take some serious field use.

It also features a water-proof front pocket for personal stuff, an external and convenient charging port for mobile phones and a dedicated laptop pocket. Like all the bags in the agua series, the Sling is IPX3-standard storm-proof.

IPX3 Protected against spraying water: water spraying up to 60º from vertical at 10 liters per minute for 5 minutes at a pressure of 80-100kN/m2.

The Takeaway

Keeping in mind, this bag is storm-proof not water-proof. Which for me, is a plus – I'm not crossing rivers and spelunking crevasses. I'm riding a bike, walking on the street, and running stairs in and out of subways. 'Storm-proof' is exactly what a street photographer would need – never having to deal with a roll-top anything between him and his gear. For the price, this is a very impressive bag and if you occasionally fight weather, it's worth adding to your collection of perfect bags. 



  • Roomy, configurable interior

  • Rugged external materials

  • Storm-proof, smaller form factor

  • Good straps, handles, and zippers

  • Easy access to gear


  • Some buckles are very bulky

  • Extra long straps leave long tails