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Short-form writing for the times I genuinely have something to say about a place, subject, or thing.

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Mobile Photography Edit Flow with TouchRetouch

It was morning and I was in the process of trying out the new Moment Lens Wide and I wanted to capture this scene—so, I sat down. At first, I was just soaking it all in - loving the details of this place. I was also waiting for the woman in purple and pink to move (no offense ma'am, those colors just don't go with the scene). I realized after about 10 minutes that she had settled in, so I took the shot.

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VSCO Cam & Artifact Uprising

I wanted a good way to share my mobile photography of New York City with my Mom back home in Missouri. My folks don't really spend time on the web, so clicking a link to an Instagram feed, VSCO Grid or Flickr stream was not the way they'd prefer to experience my photography. And there is no way I was going to consider dumping them all into an email either...so, I decided to send them a photo book.

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So ... I got my Mailbox

An App for Gmail on your iPhone, Mailbox claims to be the way to Put Email In Its Place. I don't make a habit of "Reviewing" things, so that's not what this is...I just found this particular app very interesting.

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