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Short-form writing for the times I genuinely have something to say about a place, subject, or thing.

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Using Newsprint to Promote Photography

Digital photography has a way of just sitting there on the hard drive. One of the things I miss about shooting film are the prints. Holding photography is completely different from looking – I wanted to print something, but I wanted it to serve a purpose. So, I thought a promo would be cool, and then I thought newsprint would be even cooler.

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A Summer Day on the Coney Island Boardwalk

People watching is one of my favorite ways to pass some time on a weekend. You'd be amazed at what you can learn about human nature just by slowing down and observing people in public. Recently, my wife and I spent a summer day on the Coney Island Boardwalk - here are some photos I took of real human beings engaged in the experience along with a little history from Wikipedia.

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Toby’s Estate, Brooklyn

I have a very strong affinity for coffee. As a matter of fact, if I didn't drink coffee I'm pretty sure my head would cave in – and I certainly don't want that to happen. Coffee houses are one of my favorite places to chill. Maybe it's the murmur of intimate conversation or the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans, but few things beat sitting with a magazine in hand all warm and cozy in the coffee house.

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Architecture in Lower Manhattan

It's the scale of this place. Four years in, as I reflect on my time here in New York City, one of the things that's had the most impact on me is the size and scale of this city. It took me awhile to understand—those first three years after a person moves into a place like this is generally spent just trying to get your bearing.

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A Walk Across the Williamsburg Bridge

Recently, I've been doing more to  ensure I get at least 30 minutes of activity everyday – I take breaks from the desk more often throughout the day and will skip subway stops on purpose just so I can walk a few extra blocks here and there. Last week, I decided to walk home from work (from SoHo to Bed-Stuy) across the Williamsburg Bridge and turn the exercise into a photo walk.

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Mobile Photography Edit Flow with TouchRetouch

It was morning and I was in the process of trying out the new Moment Lens Wide and I wanted to capture this scene—so, I sat down. At first, I was just soaking it all in - loving the details of this place. I was also waiting for the woman in purple and pink to move (no offense ma'am, those colors just don't go with the scene). I realized after about 10 minutes that she had settled in, so I took the shot.

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