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Short-form writing for the times I genuinely have something to say about a place, subject, or thing.

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Trouvé Magazine

I recently found Trouvé magazine by stumbling on the site which was made using a template I developed for the Squarespace platform. Pleasantly surprised by the style of the site and especially the look of the magazine, I had to order Volume One. Here a few take aways from my experience with this magazine over the weekend.

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The Collective Quarterly Will Feed Your Soul

I've always loved reading magazines. But, not just any magazine...it needs to be a good magazine—with purpose, a strong voice that speaks to me as a reader. And let me tell you, that drastically narrows the choices for me as a magazine person. Very few magazines can actually fill the bill. The Collective Quarterly is one of those that does, in a big way. If you dig on creativity, buy this mag right now.

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