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The Feel of the Page … the Smell of the Ink

Kai, You Had Me at “Hello World”

With all the "print is dead" malarky that's floating around lately, I've come to realize something...we've been taking printed material for granted. Reading online is fine for mining information or research but, it simply cannot take the place of something real.

It's material evidence of an intangible world.

One of my favorite things to do is poke around in the magazine section of a local bookstore or even a chain store (gasp) looking for something interesting. The Internet, Design, Photography, Architecture, Science - all things that hold my interest and can provide plenty of inspirational reading and eye candy. Enter Offscreen Magazine. “A print magazine about pixel people?” Oh, hell yes!

If nothing else, it would give us, as creators and innovators, the longevity and personal appreciation I believe we deserve.

Finally, a magazine written just for people like me. Pixel people, we have arrived! So, here is what I think: If you work with pixels, buy a subscription to Offscreen Magazine right now - you're going to absolutely love what you see.

Offscreen Magazine