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Moment Lenses

We talked to a lot of photographers who were unhappy with the products available. It became our mission to create something better — something no one had ever seen before.
— Erik Hedberg, Designer at Moment

Recently, the guys at Moment reached out to me and offered to lend me some of their new mobile photography lenses for testing around New York. I'm very glad they did – these lenses are of an impeccable quality and build. Yesterday morning I affixed the mounting plate to my iPhone 5c and unboxed the lenses – of course I took a few shots during the process.

Moment Wide (18mm) mounted to iPhone 5c

Moment Tele (60mm) mounted to iPhone 5c

The packaging is well thought out and very high quality...this really adds to the enjoyment of opening the box that first time. When you do, you're greeted with a beautiful photo printed card protecting the lens – a really a nice touch. The lenses are surrounded by plenty of foam lining inside the double-walled square black box.

Long live the picture taker

Once I removed the lenses from the box, one thing struck me immediately—even before the outstanding glass—it was the weight. Moment lenses, although quite small, are beefy – they've got a heft to them that lets you know they are the real deal. These are not plastic toy lenses. I look forward to shooting a lot of mobile photography with these lenses over the next few weeks and will be posting them on Instagram tagged with #makemoments - follow along if you like.