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Squarespace 7 Announced

The easiest, most powerful Squarespace ever.
Squarespace 7 is a brand new interface for our content management system that greatly enhances the usability of our existing web publishing platform. Squarespace 7 makes some significant design improvements to the site management features of Squarespace 6, but most of it will feel familiar if you've used Squarespace in the past two years. You can easily enable Squarespace 7 for your existing site by turning on a simple toggle.

On October 7th, Squarespace gathered top press at the Crosby Street Hotel in SoHo to announce seven new things including Squarespace 7. Squarespace 6 was groundbreaking and from the reactions we've seen over the last few days, 7 is jaw dropping. I am so proud to be part of the team at Squarespace and I hope my small part in building some Cover Pages spreads joy among you humans.

In case you missed the announcement, here is a list of the seven things the company announced:

  1. New Interface – With the all new Squarespace 7 interface, we've improved the best aspects of Squarespace 6—while adding some powerful new ones.
  2. Getty Images – We've partnered with Getty Images to put the world's most extensive collection of editorial and stock photography into your hands.
  3. Cover Pages – Sometimes bold ideas don't require a full website. That's why Cover Pages can be used to convey a single idea in a beautiful way.
  4. Google Apps Integration – As your business grows, it's important to maintain a consistent brand across different channels. Squarespace 7 can link your domain to branded email accounts, office productivity tools, cloud storage, and more—all from Google.
  5. Mobile Apps – Squarespace does more than help you build beautiful websites. From concept to execution, our apps help you manage your ideas and get them online. And now they're even more accessible than ever. (Yes, on Android too.)
  6. Developer Platform out of Beta – Squarespace is bigger than templates. Now, with the full power of our robust Developer Platform, we're giving even the most experienced developers, designers, and agencies a reason to choose Squarespace.
  7. New Designs – Millions of people use Squarespace. Each of them use it differently. So we created fifteen incredible new designs, some in collaboration with a few of the world's most influential people.