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Using Newsprint to Promote Photography

Digital photography has a way of just sitting there on the hard drive. One of the things I miss about shooting film are the prints. Holding photography is completely different from looking – I wanted to print something, but I wanted it to serve a purpose. So, I thought a promo would be cool, and then I thought newsprint would be even cooler.

Cover of Grit St. Issue 01, Street Photography by Eric E. Anderson

Cover of Grit St. Issue 01, Street Photography by Eric E. Anderson

About two years ago, I remembered seeing a very talented Brooklyn-based photographer (whose name is also Eric, go figure) had created a newsprint “leave-behind” – and I thought, “oh, man ... what a cool way to promote your photography! I'm going to do that someday.”

Recently, I licensed a significant amount of my Street Photography to Farmboy Fine Arts, a fine art consultancy in Vancouver, B.C., for use in high-end hospitality interiors. And by all means, if you are an interior designer, please contact them if you'd like to spec some of my work in your next fancy hotel or restaurant job.

This would serve as the perfect backdrop for me to print something with purpose. I wanted to use newsprint, so I set out to find a web-based service that'd let me design a tabloid size newspaper and upload it for printing, and that's when I found Newspaper Club. I decided to name my promo “Grit St.” and chose the digital tabloid since the minimum purchase was only (1) copy.

... what a cool way to promote your photography! I’m going to do that someday.

Newspaper Club provide two ways to design your tabloid, you can use ARTHR (NC's proprietary web-based design tool for simple, easy edits) or you can design your own using an InDesign template and upload the resulting PDF. I chose the later, as I have plenty of design experience and are familiar enough with the tools to create something unique.

About the paper: 289mm x 380mm page size, 15mm margin at the top, bottom and outside edge of each page. 55gsm improved newsprint, 100% virgin fibre (not recycled), ISO76 brightness. Slightly heavier and brighter than standard newsprint. Good for photography and magazine-style publications.