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Using Squarespace Cover Pages for Your Photography Portfolio

When my photography began to improve, I wanted to showcase my work in an online portfolio, but I didn't have that much good stuff. That made the task of setting up a few portfolios online pretty easy – to link up and show a dozen or so images was no trouble.

After a year or so had passed, my body of work began to grow – I had more and more good images that I wanted to show. I realized that just linking to each gallery – each of which may have as many as 50 images in them – was way too much. My presentation didn't scale.

Dumping 200 portraits into a gallery and slapping a ‘Portraits’ link on it just won’t cut the mustard.

This site is built on Squarespace using the Pacific template. This particular template has an 'Index' page option that lets me stack different pages on top of each other and present them as one long page. This was a huge leap towards a better photography portfolio because now I have an Index for all my photography portfolios. I can link to 'Photography' and from that Index, link into each of my galleries with a Summary Block showing a few images from each.

But, I still wanted a better way to link directly to a specific gallery without using the Photography Index and without linking directly to the full gallery. I needed a portfolio landing page for each of my photo galleries. This is why I was particularly psyched when Cover Pages were released with Squarespace Seven.

"Spotlight" Cover Page

"Spotlight" Cover Page

Cover Pages are a very simple, full page view containing Branding, Heading, Body text and Actions like Links and Buttons. It's a perfect little tool kit to quickly and easily setup a doorway or landing page to other content in your site. I used the 'Spotlight' Cover Page to setup each of my galleries.

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