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Using Squarespace Cover Pages for Your Photography Portfolio

It is a monumental challenge for photographers to present their images. Once you have a reasonable size body of work, it must be presented in a thoughtful way if you want people to be able to enjoy your photography online. Dumping 200 portraits into a gallery and slapping a 'Portraits' link on it just won't cut the mustard. Especially when you consider people who access your site from a mobile device. Squarespace Cover Pages are a great way to provide a doorway.

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Squarespace 7 Announced

Squarespace 7 is a brand new interface for our content management system that greatly enhances the usability of our existing web publishing platform. Squarespace 7 makes some significant design improvements to the site management features of Squarespace 6, but most of it will feel familiar if you've used Squarespace in the past two years. You can easily enable Squarespace 7 for your existing site by turning on a simple toggle.

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