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Block by Block, Brooklyn's Past and Present
A small section of the big, beautiful interactive map

A small section of the big, beautiful interactive map

The borough’s a patchwork of the old and new, but traces of its history aren’t spread evenly. There are 320,000-odd buildings in Brooklyn, and I’ve plotted and shaded each of them according to its year of construction. The result is a snapshot of Brooklyn’s evolution, revealing how development has rippled across certain neighborhoods while leaving some pockets unchanged for decades, even centuries.
— Thomas Rhiel, BKLYNR

BKLYNR has has such an amazing response to this interactive map, they've decided to create a high quality print available. You can register your interest here to let them know you'd like to have more information with they become available. 

Our initial run is back from the printer, the prints look beautiful, and we’ll be selling them shortly for $39. A majority of the proceeds will go to BKLYNR’s contributors.