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INFRAME: Zun Lee’s Journey to Street Photography

When it really became more than just a hobby is when I began photographing people on the street and then I realized this is not just about photography.
— Zun Lee

Zun Lee is a physician, self-taught photographer and visual storyteller based in Toronto. He originally picked up a camera to relieve work-related stress and quickly developed an exacting eye for documentary photography and street portraiture. His intimate projects “Father Figure” and “Fade Resistance” challenge media stereotypes of African-American families and have garnered the attention of The New York Times, The New Yorker, and Magnum Foundation, among others.

Credits: Director and Photography: Bas Berkhout Production: Like Knows Like Brand and Motion Design: Andrew Vucko / Roger Dario Creative Director: Lukas Dryja Executive Producer: Dominik Dryja Audiomix: Peter Stoel Archive photography: Henning Christoph