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Interactive Guide to Blog Typography

A blog is more than just a sidebar jam packed with links. At its core, a blog is about writing & reading. Understanding what makes good typography is a skill you must acquire - if you care about your readers.

The font(s) you choose, the line height of the text along with a line length all contribute to or detract from your readers ability to comfortably read your writing. This is referred to as Readability - and it's an important step in setting up your blog.

This guide will help you understand the typographic foundations that will improve the readability of your articles.

Interactive guide screenshot

Learning about typography and the effects of these different settings could take a long time - but, it doesn't have to ... enter the Interactive Guide to Blog Typography by Tommi Kaikkonen. Spending just a few minutes playing with this guide will show you how font size, line height and line length can effect the readability of your pages.

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