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Squarespace Introduces LayoutEngine 2
Screenshot of Squarespace LayoutEngine 2

Screenshot of Squarespace LayoutEngine 2

The browser is a canvas of infinite potential; the ways in which content is delivered and consumed are just as numerous. LayoutEngine is one of the ways in which we attempt to tame that potential. Beyond the obvious usability improvements, LayoutEngine 2 is also touch-friendly – in fact, the very same component powers our recently released Blog app for iOS. Just as importantly, we've taken the time to solidify the underlying foundation of our core editing experience in anticipation of our future roadmap.

LayoutEngine is one of the most amazing features of Squarespace - it delivers very powerful control for the DIY publisher. Until now, I've noticed people who weren't familiar with grids, columns and rows when it comes to laying out their content - and therefore weren't using the system to its full potential. The simpler take and approach to these layout options found in LayoutEngine 2 will make it much easier to design your best page - whether you are familiar with layouts or not. Have a go, you'll actually have fun publishing on your site again.

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