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Recommended Photography Books

Photography books I‘ve read or wish-listed. Each links to Amazon with my personal affiliate link.

By Colin Westerbeck
By Annie Leibovitz
By Bonnie McCurry, Steve McCurry
University of Texas Press
By Phillip Prodger
By Tony Ray-Jones
By Graciela Iturbide
By Geoff Dyer
By Alexey Titarenko, Gabriel Bauret, Brett Abbott, Sean Corcoran
By David Campany
By Keith F. Davis
By Jack Spencer
By Michael Crouser
By Maria Morris Hambourg, Jeff L. Rosenheim
By Nick Brandt
By Richard Sandler
Hatje Cantz
By Francois Hebel
Carpet Bombing Culture
By John Szarkowski
By David Gibson
By Stephen Shore, Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen, Lynne Tillman
By Henry Carroll
By Henry Carroll
By Henry Carroll
By Lewis Blackwell
By Lelia Wanick Salgado
By Michael Martin
By Yvonne Meyer-Lohr
W. W. Norton & Company
By Chris Burkard
By David Plowden
By Ben Thomas
Indiana University Press
Many Voices Press
By Dennis Hopper
By Geoff Dyer
By Bruce Barnbaum
By Gregory Heisler
By Sally Mann
By Ruven Afanador
By Will Ellis
Carpet Bombing Culture
By Seph Lawless
By Gordon Lewis
By David Gibson
By Danny Clinch
By Sophie Howarth, Stephen McLaren
By Richard Cahan, Michael Williams
By Vivian Maier
By Richard Cahan, Michael Williams
By Jackie Higgins
By Robert Frank
By Bruce Barnbaum
By Lynne Tillman, Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen
powerHouse Books
By Harvey Stein
By Jean-Claude Gautrand
By Reuel Golden
By Jurne, Matt Litwack
By Paul Cavalieri
By Keith Carter
Phaidon Press
By Hans Blomquist
By Elias Redstone
By SofiaBorges
By Alona Pardo, Elias Redstone
By Hiroshi Sugimoto
AMMO Books
By James T Murray
By Paul Lacy
Kehrer Verlag
By Bob Shamis
Philadelphia Museum Distribution
By Nichole Robertson
By Natasha Egan, Barry Lopez
Hatje Cantz
By Dan Winters
By Weiwei Ai
By Alfred McEwen, Francis Rocard, Nicolas Mangold
By Editors of Phaidon Press
By Colin Westerbeck, Joel Meyerowitz
By Brandon Stanton
By Vince Aletti, Adam Harrison Levy, Carrie Springer, Margit Erb, Rolf Nobel, Ulrich Rüter
By Leiter Saul (PHT)/ Harrison Martin (INT)
By Marvin Heiferman, Robin Bell
By Chris Burkard
By Alison Morris
By Josef Hoflehner
By Stan Gaz
Phaidon Press
By Joel Meyerowitz, Colin Westerbeck
By Clement Cheroux