Web Developer / Photographer

About Me

I live in Brooklyn and create a better web at Squarespace. Most of my free time is spent wandering the streets practicing my craft.

Married with children in Brooklyn. One amazing wife, two incredible kids, one brand new grandson and two rather large dogs.

Corn-fed. Original midwesterner, born and raised in the suburbs of Kansas City, Missouri - The Show-Me State. I’ve also spent some time in Arizona’s desert and on California’s beaches.

I am thrilled to be a published photographer and have my contemporary art photography represented on a commercial basis through Farmboy Fine Arts in Vancouver, BC.

I enjoy my work as a Template Developer at Squarespace and have been designing websites with obsessive detail since Y2K. I’m creative & logical, artistic & technical.

You can connect with me on a select few social networks as esquareda. I’ve always had that screen-name. I know what you’re thinking ... no, it’s not Spanish – it’s based on my initials.